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What is Search Engine Optimization.

Without seo No body can get visitors in website. Seo stands for search engine optimization, website owners do seo to get good traffic in their website. There are lots of website are present in market to beat them seo is must. Seo include onpage optimization and off page page optimization. According to google panda and penalty proper seo is must .There are two types of techniques we use in seo.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1.Black Hat Techniques : Wroung techniques implement to rank a website with in a shorter time(max 2 months). According to google panda and penguin updates if any websites follow black hat techniques to get good ranking google will pull down website ranking

2.White Hat Techniques : WHT are more effective and focus to improve a website ranking in search Engine. White hat techniques are also called Ethical Seo. White hat techniques include link building, backlinkng and keyword analysis..

What is on page optimization: Onpage optimization we do on website in backend. click this link to see on page optimization work list.

What is off page optimization: Off page optimization is link building techniques and this is a never ending process. click this link to see off page optimization work list.

Importance of seo

1.For marketing seo is very powerful tool TO GET VISITORS IN WEBSITE.

2.To get good ranking in Google.

3.For Lead Generation and Good Conversion. 

4.It help in earning money online and profits.

6.If your seo is good no need to do investment in advertising.

7. Get your website in google 1st page 

8.Through seo Branding is possible.

9. Search Engine website visibility within 24*7

Disadvantages of seo

1.There is no guarantee to get in no 1 position in google, if you follow wroung seo techniques.

2. Google penguine and penality if you do wrong seo

3. Seo is very Lengthy process

Through SEO online visibility of website is possible, people can find your website very easy. We do seo for traffic in website, if we get more traffic, we can earn more money. Google Always change SEO rule and regulations, so it is very important to keep in touch with Google Panda and Penguine for new updates. Otherwise google will penalized your website

Check this link Seo Onpage Optimization tutorials and Seo Offpage Optimization tutorials.

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