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Rank Web Host Price Domain Expert Rating Visit Site                                                   
1 $2.95 Free(1 year) 5  
2 $3.49 Free(1 year) 4.95                                                                            
3 $3.15 New 4.8  
4 $3.00 Free(1 year) 4.7  
5 $3.95 New or Transfer 4.8  
6 $4.59 New 4.7  
7 $3.95 New or Transfer 4.7  
8 $1.00 Free 4.8  
9 ₹ 59 New 4.7  


Learn How to buy Cheap Web Hosting and Domain Name 

What is Web Hosting

Hosting means purchase a space on web server. Web hosting services allows the website visibility worldwide. Hosting stores your online pages. If people surfs to it, they can see it on the internet.

If you are planning for website to buy domain name and web hosting services together bluehost is best service provider because bluehost  hosting company offer free domain name with hosting, if you buy both domain name and hosting you can save money here.

There are free hosting and paid hosting both types of hosting available in the market, but I suggest don’t go for free hosting because sometimes in free hosting website when people surf to it, they can’t see it on the internet and speed will be slow as compared to paid hosting.

All top 10 Web  Hosting Features:

  • Shared Hosting -Linux hosting, Windows hosting, WordPress Hosting.
  • Reseller Hosting :- Linux reseller hosting, windows reseller hosting
  • Cloud for everyone
  • Virtual private server
  • Dedicated server
  • Business Email
  • Domain Reseller
  • Free Domain name and FTP accounts
  • Unlimited storage, unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited data transfer.

Things to know Before buying domain name and hosting services:

If your web hosting is good you will not face any problem in future because website keyword ranking is also depend on web hosting. Many competitor are using same keywords to rank in google. Google check the website keywords , hosting, server and website speed also to rank keywords in google.

For ex: If two website are using same keyword to rank, but one website speed is slow because of bad hosting then google will give first preference to other website to rank keywords in google.

In starting selecting the best web hosting is very important because if you face problem in future and you want to change hosting to another host, need much effort or skills to deal.

Because of bad web hosting website speed will be slow and visitors bounce rate would be more. Returning Visitors is not possible if website speed is slow. To get more visitors and returning visitors in website good hosting and server is required.

Free Domain name: Now a days many web hosting company provide free domain name for 1 year and free domain name for Life time. Its completely depend on your Plans and Package what you choose.

Free Domain Name service provider for 1 year:

  1. Bluehost
  2. In motion hosting
  3. Host 1 plus

If you are looking for free domain name for 1 year or for lifetime. You have to check their plans because they change their plans according to their needs. In festival seasons you will get lots of offers , coupon and discount to buy hosting and domain name.

Important  Tips:

If you are planning for website and your target audience would be from india then always purchase hosting and domain name from India .in Ex: buy from dont go for  If your target audience is from usa then go for But your target audience is all over world then you can purchase from any country.

 Lots of hosting companies are available, but I use and  hosting services for my websites.

Why bluehost is best :

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • WordPress Web Hosting
  • Good server as compare to any other service provider

If you are a beginner then bluehost shared hosting package is best for your website. In bluehost wordpress Installation is very easy and they offer free SSL certificate to blogger

Comment below which Web Hosting you are using for your website and write the response of web hosting company.

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