blogging for beginners

Learn How to create a Free Blog Online from


Blogging for Beginners: If you are e beginners and you don’t know anything about website design and development then Blogspot is the best place to start. Here you can learn how to create a blog and upload themes and content in Here you will get a free domain name & hosting for a lifetime. Learn What is blogging for beginners.

 blogging for beginners
Blogging for Beginners

How to create a free blog from Google Blogspot

A Website that allows users to discuss various topics online, sometimes letting readers’ comments on their posts. For ex: news blog, business blog and personal journal blogs etc.

A blog is very popular now a days because it allows people to interact with others. A blog can be hosted on its own domain – just like a website such as WordPress or Google’s Blogger.

A blog may mean posting new or fresh content. Through blog, you can earn a good income. you can create a blog in Tumblr, Weebly and in Check Best website list to start a free blog will help you to start a blog.

Many bloggers they start their journey with Blogspot because this is completely free to create a blog. Beginners start with Blogspot and later they move to the Self-hosted WordPress blog.

Blogging for Beginners: 

Steps to create Blog in Free through

Step 1: Search in google and Login through Gmail login id and Password.


Step 2: Confirm your Blogger Profile


Step 3: Select new Blog


Step 4:  Give Blog Url Name


Step 5:  Create a New Page for Blog


Step 6: Click New Page to write content and to upload videos and images.


Step 7: Give Blog Page Title and  Click Update


Step 8:


Step 9: Click Blog Layout


Step 10: Click Pages Edit button


Step 11: Configure Page List:


Step 12: Click view Blog


Step 13: Your Live Blog



How to earn money form Blog:

If you want to earn money from your blog then first create Google Ad sense account and copy the website URL and paste it in google ad-sense. Google ad-sense checks the website or blogs is eligible or not for ads, If website or blog is eligible for ads you can earn money, but getting Approval from Google Adsense is very difficult. Click this link to create Google Adsense Account.

Finally, a blog can be a business in itself by earning revenues through advertising programs, like Google Ad-sense and affiliates .


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