how to create Website using wordpress online

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How to create a Website using WordPress online: Learn how to use WordPress to create a website online. Beginners Guide how to install WordPress and how to use WordPress dashboard, plugin and how to get WordPress admin login details.

How to create a Website using WordPress online
How to create a Website using WordPress online

How to create a Website using WordPress online

Learn how to Develop and make a wonderful WordPress website online. Check tutorials How to sign in, install free & premium themes. If you create a website in HTML, CSS & javascript then it will take lots of time and you required coding knowledge also but for WordPress coding knowledge is not required without coding you can create a website.

For website design and development always go with don’t go with because in (CMS) is available and it is easy to upload content, images & lots of supported WordPress plugin is available.

You can do seo of WordPress website by using cms and it will be very easy for you to create & maintain the website.

If you want to create a free blog then you can go with Here you will not get free themes and plugins.

You can build a website in Joomla, Drupal and in Wix also but WordPress is best because it is free & you will get lots of free themes and templates.

You can create an e-commerce site and a normal website also but before starting WordPress website you need to purchase a domain name and hosting.

Earlier I was using domain name and hosting but I switched to Bluehost because their charges are low and they are providing free domain name and dedicated hosting server.

But before buying a domain name keep in mind what is your website about according to that you buy a domain name and hosting. (For example .in .com, .org, .US or.UK ).

Which country you are targeting according to that you buy a domain name. if India then .in and .com is best but if you are targeting United states or united kingdom, visitors, then take .us or .uk

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WordPress Installation Process

once you purchase the domain name and hosting, you will get login id and password in your registered email id for WordPress. Learn how to Purchase Domain Name and hosting.  

Step: 1 click the admin URL and give your login id and password

Step: 2  Click admin Url in your Gmail or copy paste the URL in the browser and give your username and password

For example:

Step :3 Go to appearance and click Themes

Step: 4 Here you can see lots of installed themes are available in your application. To add new theme click add new button either use the search field.

Step: 5 Click feature filter and then click apply filters

 Step: 6 Here you can see lots of themes are available, select the best themes which you want to install for your website and click the install button. WordPress will automatically installed the themes.

Step: 7 click the activate button to installed the themes

Step: 8 Click customize the themes

Step: 9  Your website will look like this. 


Alternative Method to upload WordPress Themes:

Step:1 Download free themes from other websites like or 

check this free themes site list for WordPress website.

Step: 2 In your System Download file 

Step: 3 If you want to upload other themes that are not available in the WordPress directory. You can easily upload it by clicking upload theme


Step: 4  Click the browse button and select the theme from your computer and click install now button

Step 5: Click the activate button to activate a theme


Once you click to activate, your website would be live and you can customize your themes manually and you can upload images and content also.

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If you are a beginner and you don’t know how to install WordPress and how to use WordPress then comment below we will guide you for WordPress installation. 

If you want to upload exact WordPress themes like a demo then you can contact us. For more info visit our services pages. 

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