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 How to make money on Fiverr- Beginner Guide 

Today i am going discuss about how to make money on fiverr. You can earn money on fiverr by selling services for 5$.

If you have some skills like Data entry work, SEO, DIgital Marketing, Graphic design, web design and Mobile apps development, then you can start your freelancer journey in Fiverr. For beginner Fiverr is a best place to start their freelancer career by signing up to fiverr as a seller.

For registration as a seller check this link :

I joined fiver in 2016 as a buyer that time i was taking services from buyers but in April 2018 i started selling in fiverr and within 2 month i got 20$ earning. You can see my earning reports

Fiverr Income reports
Fiverr Income reports

Join Fiverr Now and Start Earning

Step by step tutorials on Fiverr:

1.How to create account in fiverr
2. How to create profile in fiverr
3. What is GIG offers in Fiverr and How to create GIGS. (GIG = SERVICE).
4. How to link bank account with fiverr
5. How to check your orders, what you have received in fiverr
6. How to check earning in fiverr.
7. How to communicate with buyers through chat box in buyers.
8. How to get more orders from buyers
9. How to share Fiverr links in social Media to get more buyers.

10. How to Deliver order in Fiverr


  1. How to create Fiverr Account:

You can Join as a Buyer or Seller on Fiverr. To create account in Fiverr go to homepage, click join & enter your email address and continue. but you can create account by using facebook or Google account also. I will personally suggest you join Fiverr a/c through your facebook or Google a/c.

Always choose good user name in Fiverr because you can’t change user name in future and your user name will be display in your Fiverr URL. User name should not be more then 15 Characters. After registration on Fiverr you will get an email for account confirmation. click the activation link and activate your account.

2. How to create profile in Fiverr:

For more Sales and to get more orders from buyers Fiverr profile should be very attractive. When you are creating Profile on Fiverr Check TOP RATED SELLER Profile first take some ideas and create profile because if your profile is good you can drive more traffiic to your GIGS and attract buyers to buy your services.

Profile Picture: Upload your own Profile Pics. Don’t upload any banners or logo in your profile pics. Profile pic should look real.

Country: AS per my experience you will get more orders from united states and united kingdom.  Usa and united kingdom people have good communication skills in writing and in speaking. If you are from india, pakistan or Bangladesh country i will suggest you select country USA to get more orders.

BIO: You should write BIO in professional Way. Check other sellers BIO once before writing your own BIO. BIO is completely depend upon your services, what services you are going to provide plan first and check BIO of same service provider Top Rated Sellers.

3. What is GIG offers in Fiverr ?


Many people ask question what is GIG . Gig is a service, what sellers provide to buyers. In Fiverr people use word GIG instead of service.

To start work in Fiverr first you have to decide what skills you have and what service you are going to provide.

Select best gigs from fiverr and create gigs

How to create GIGS in Fiverr

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:



How your Gig will look :


Join Fiverr Now : 

and how to get orders in fiverr. How to use fiverr dashboard. Steps by steps tutorials how to open fiverr account and how to sell on fiverr

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