Seo OnPage

1. Keyword Research
2.Title & Description
3.Url Structure
4.Image Optimization
5.Anchor text/ Hyper lInk
7.Permalink and Internal Link
8.Broken Link analysis
9.H1, H2 bold optimization
10.Keyword density/Keyword stuffing
11.Video Optimization & Video Sitemap
12. Robots.txt
13.Meta Robots
14. Meta Tags
15.Canonical issue/Redirection code
16.Google XML Sitemap
17.Google Html Sitemap
18.Image sitemap
19.Local business schema
20.Business or website schema
21.Rich Cards
22.Data Highlighter

Meaning Of seo

Seo means search engine optimization . Seo Main Purpose is to bring traffic in website. It include seo on apge and seo off page . seo onpage we do on website backend and seo off page we do on internet.

for search engine ranking both on page or off page Optimization is important but today here I am going to discuss about On page optimization. for onpage seo html coding is required For Ex:  meta tags , title ,description ,image optimization and many more

First question comes in mind how to get traffic  in websites to get organic traffic they focus more on off page but onpage is also very important to drive traffic and for ranking in search engine

 below I have mentioned  complete list of onpage optimization

Website Ranking is completely depend on the seo , so it is very important to keep in touch with google updates and algorithums .Google algorithum always change and it affect the ranking of any we need to keep update ourself with new changes.

Seo Benefits engine ranking

2.Organic Traffic

3.Google page rank

many person outsourced seo because they don’t know what seo is but here I am expalining what is seo, this will help them to understand the imporatnce of seo . For good ranking in geo search engine like yahoo, bing, google seo onpage is very helpful. It will help you to increase (ctr)click through rate ratio also.

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