Best Cpa Affiliate networks

15 Best CPA Site List | Learn What is Cpa Marketing & How to earn Money from Cpa

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Best Cpa Affiliate Networks
Best Cpa Affiliate Networks


What is CPA Marketing for Beginners?

CPA means cost per acquisition or pay per lead (PPL). Cost per acquisition affiliated marketing main target is action from your traffic for this no website is required without website also you can start a CPA lead work, but approval is a little bit difficult for beginners.

Cost per acquisition includes: form filling, email submission, apps download and installed, submitting the mobile number and completing the survey.

Whatever lead you generate through your network for the single lead you will get paid like .50$ or 1$ depending on the product which type of product you are promoting. But some products pay high also like 10$ to 50$ depending on what the company is offering.

Through CPA a thousand dollar per month is possible but for these lots of traffic and hard work is required many persons are earning more than 1000 $ per month. To earn from CPA you have to use different techniques, once you are an expert in that area then you can earn unlimited money.

If you are new in CPA then don’t apply for high paying network start with easily approval networks

As I told you earlier getting approval is very difficult that’s why below I am mentioning both immediate approval and approval for experts

Cpalead‘ and ‘Adworkmedia‘ no traffic and no minimum requirement for approval. Apply Now

below I am showing you cost per acquisition dashboard how it looks like

Ogads Approval is very easy. Apply Now

Select the proper country at the time of promoting a product, for example, you have chosen USA for marketing product and you are showing a product in India then you will not get any payment.

If you don’t have a website don’t worry you can share a product link in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well. But before sharing any link you have to shorten the link because social media they don’t like the ‘URL’.

Cpa include three types of Offers

1. Pin submit: means here you have to submit your phone number, mobile number or captcha code.

Pin Submit Landing Page Example:  

2. Survey: This work in both desktop and in Mobile also. If anybody complete one survey you will get some money.

Survey Landing Page Example: 

3. Mobile App Download: It works only in mobile devices likes ios and android app. You have to share links in social media, facebook or in the website. If anybody downloads mobile apps you will get money:

Mobile App Landing Page Example:

Best Cpa Affiliate networks site list:






















You can earn 10$, 50$ or 100$ it depends on the company policies so please read carefully all the terms and condition There are lots of CPA sites are available online, after applying if you get approval then well and good, if you are not getting approval then try one by one in all and check their terms and condition properly because some pay weekly twice and some pay once in a month.

And for payment create one Paypal account or Payoneer account and link with these affiliate marketing sites. Once you earned some money they will transfer in your Paypal or Payoneer account from there you can transfer in a bank account.

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Comment below if you are using any CPA networks, Which is working fine for you.


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