Digital marketing inetrview questions

Top 100 Advanced SEO Interview Questions and Answers


Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital marketing interview questions
Digital marketing interview questions

Digital Marketing Interview question and answer for freshers. Here’s a list of Top 100 Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers for beginners. Go through the questions to know the specific questions that are always asked in an interview

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  1. What Interested you in the Profile? (Digital Marketing)
  2.  What are the Current Trends in Digital Marketing?
  3.  What are the current Trends in Content Marketing?
  4.  What do you enjoy most about working in Digital Marketing?
  5.  Take away from your previous work?
  6.  Are you active in Social Media?
  7.  Any Blogger you Follow?
  8. Reasons why Entrepreneur are not getting success?
  9. How to buy a domain name and Hosting for WordPress from Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Bigrock.
  10.  How to optimize a single Page website?
  11.  How you will check your SEO campaign is working or not. If your Seo method or techniques doesn’t work what you will do?
  12. Access the client current website limitations and SEO performance.
  13. How you will improve the client site ranking in Major Search Engine?
  14. Do you know About WordPress website and WordPress plugins?
  15.  What are the link building Strategies?
  16. How to generate traffic from social media?
  17. What are the steps and social media activity you will do to generate traffic?
  18. Social media Measurement Analytics and Social Media Ads?
  19. what are the Social Media Marketing mistakes done by business?
  20. How to check social media traffic of a competitor?
  21. How to improve customer service through social media?
  22. What software and tools you use for the website?
  23. How much time website will take to come up in the search engine?
  24. How are website Ranked?
  25. How to do Content Marketing?
  26. How long does SEO take to start working?
  27.  What strategy you will use for For new website?
  28. How to generate backlinks for a newly created website.
  29. What is facebook Lookalike Audience
  30. How to select Keywords and How to rank a keyword?
  31. How to find competitor keywords?
  32. Where to use keywords?
  33. How to optimize the 1000 number of Pages?
  34. How you will increase the page rank of a page?
  35. What is remarketing and retargeting?
  36. How to do mobile SEO
  37. what is Google Algorithm?
  38.  What is Google penguin and panda update?
  39.  What is Favicon?
  40. What are breadcrumbs Seo and Types of Breadcrumbs?
  41. What are the organic search and organic Search results?
  42. Where robots.txt file uploaded to Hosting Directory?
  43. Can webpage extension effects the SEO?
  44. What is the full form of www ? what is www and non-www?
  45. What is Search Engine Submission?
  46. What is meta robots and how it works?
  47. What is disallow in Robots.txt file?
  48. Founder of Google?
  49. What is a web server?
  50. What is web hosting?
  51. Google Site links?
  52. What is SEO audit?
  53. How to do Competitor Analysis?
  54.  How to do Local Seo?
  55.  How to find where competitor have submitted sites in Local Directories?
  56. What is Local Search Engine Optimization?
  57. Social Media Marketing Optimization?
  58. How to generate traffic on the new website?
  59. What is responsive web design
  60. What is Responsive Landing Pages?
  61. Do you know how to do email marketing?
  62. How email marketing autoresponder work.
  63. which email marketing tools do you use.

Search Engine On Page and Off Page Optimization Interview Questions and Answer.

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Types of Seo?
  3. What is SEO on page Optimization and SEO Off-page Optimization ?.
  4. What is Page Rank or PR?
  5. Difference between Page Rank & SERP?
  6. What is Adsense?
  7. What are the aspects of SEO
  8. What is RSS?
  9. What is Alexa?
  10. What is Keyword Density and what is the formula to check?
  11. Where robots.txt put in the website?
  12. What is Google Bot?
  13. What is Google Crawlers?
  14. How to check page is indexed or not in Google?
  15.  Index follow tags?
  16. What is Link Farm or Link Spamming?
  17. What is Link Juice?
  18. What is cross Linking?
  19. What is URL?
  20.  What is Dynamic Website, Static Website and WordPress website?
  21.  What is Google Sandbox?
  22. What is Google Dance?
  23. What is No follow  & DO Follow?
  24. What is Deep Linking?
  25.  What is Backlink or Inbound Link ? and Types of Backlink?
  26. What are outbound Links?
  27.  What is anchor text?
  28. What is organic SEO and Natural Seo?
  29. What method would you apply for decreasing the loading time of a website?
  30. Page loading Speed checker tool name?
  31. what is the Best Page loading time of any website?
  32. What is Google Penalty? Why Google has penalized the site tell reasons?
  33.  What are the SEO techniques available?
  34. Give Ten Black Hat SEO Techniques names?
  35. What are Reciprocal Links?
  36. Broken Link Analysis and Corrections?

Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answer?

  1. What is PPC?
  2. What do you understand by quality Score?
  3. What is the impact of quality score on CPC & Ad position?
  4. What is the actual CPC?
  5. What are the factors which affect the quality score?
  6. How can you improve conversion rates?
  7. Can you tell me the limit of a character used for PPC ADs?
  8. Explain what is AD RAnk?
  9. Explain What is ADgroups in Google Adwords?
  10. Explain What is conversion Optimizer in AdWords?
  11. Mention in Google Adwords that options can be changed after creating an account?
  12. Mention what is the limit set for the number or Character for Adwords ads?
  13. What is the meaning of ctr & how you can calculate?
  14. How many ads we authorized to run on Google search networks?
  15. Which pricing model you choose for marketing?
  16. How to create display Ads?
  17. What is Enable Enhance CPC?
  18. Enable Viewable CPM?
  19. What is frequency Capping?
  20. BID Strategy?
  21. How to check in which website our Ads are showing?
  22.  How to check invalid clicks?
  23. What is relative CTR?
  24. What is GSP?
  25. What is Dynamic Search Ads?
  26. What is Auto Target?
  27. What is column Attributes
  28. What is Pay per Call?
  29. What is remarketing?
  30. What is Bid Strategy?
  31. WHat is KQS?
  32. AD Extension Name?
  33. How to check conversion in  Ad Extension

Here are the latest Digital marketing interview questions for fresher and experienced.

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