How to buy a cheap Domain Name Permanently

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How to buy a cheap Domain Name permanently: Buy a top-level domain and get in the first page of google. Learn How to register your own domain name from google for free. First, you have to check the domain availability of your domain name. If website Domain Name is available you can purchase directly. 

How to buy a cheap Domain Name permanently
How to buy a cheap Domain Name permanently

How to buy a Domain Name for WordPress from Hostgator

 A domain name is the unique web address on the internet, that you type in your web browser address bar in Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera to visit a website. An example of a domain name is All website has a domain name such as name .com,.in,.org., net. Domain name help to identify the web pages location. It is used as an internet address.,more than 300 million domain names are registered on the internet. 


 There are lots of website domain name registration companies are available in the market. You can register a domain name in and both, But I use for registration of the domain name because it is simple and easy to use. Selection of right domain name registration company is must in starting because it helps to eliminate misstep later, For purchasing of a domain name you can use a debit card, credit card or PayPal account.
Read More: is one of the best Domain names and Hosting service provider. All new bloggers purchase a domain name and Affordable shared hosting from Bluehost because they provide domain name free for 1 year.

Hostgator is also the best service provider. I have purchased many domain names and hosting from Hostgator also.  Through Hostgator, you will get a 1-year free Domain name. But after 1 year you have to renew the domian name.

Follow the steps to get a new domain name from Hostgator

Step 1: Search in google and click Get Started now. Basically, this is the Hostgator for hosting and domain
Step 2: Here you can register your website domain name. Enter the domain name what you want to register and click on the search button
 Step 3: For example, you can see the  domain name available, click on add to cart button, then click on view on cart button.
Step 4: Accept the term and conditions and click the complete order button. you can select the year for your website 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.
Step 5: You will be asked to log in with your billing area, enter your login details and click on the login button.
Step 6: Now you need to give your payment information and click complete order if you have a coupon you can use that coupon, it will help you to get discounts on purchasing of domain names, Click the coupon link to get a coupon code for the discount.
Step 7: Enter your credit card details or debit card details. You can enter your card information for your debit card in the same place as credit cards and complete the order
you will get the email from Hostgator for Domain Name purchase and Login Details.
Please take a look:

If you have any questions related to Domain name purchase then feel free to share comments below. 

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