Seo Off Page Optimization

Seo off page optimization means getting visitors to the website through a natural organic search for this no coding is required in website backend. Off-page optimization we do online, Seo off page techniques help to get good position in (SERP) search engine results page.

Off-page, submission is a lengthy process but you will get a very good result in future and this is an ongoing process it will never end.

If you stop Seo off page submission work your website ranking and traffic will go down. Seo off page help to increase the page rank of a website.

Google give the page rank between 0-10. IF POSITION IS 9 OR 10, it means your SEO campaign and webpage is in a good position. For search engine ranking we need to follow proper off page SEO techniques

What is Backlinks in Offpage Optimization

Backlink means Inbound Links. Seo off page means link building for your website. By creating an external link it will help you to get a backlink to your website.

BackLink means incoming links to your website from different sources like social media, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many more. It includes email marketing and mobile marketing, forum reviews also.

Types of  Backlinks

  • One way backlink: coming from other websites
  • Two-way backlink (link exchange /reciprocal Link). Nobody is using two-way backlink now a days. It means exchanging a link between two websites.
  • Three-way backlinks: also nobody is using
  • Incoming Links: means our website is getting traffic or getting incoming links from other websites or social media, email or forums.

Backlink checker tools


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