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Start Small Internet business: If you are Planning to start your own business at home and you don’t have a lot of money. Here are 20 easiest ways to start a small internet business online to earn money and make a living with an internet business at home.

start small internet business
20 easiest ways to start small internet business online to earn money

20 easiest ways to start small internet business online to earn money 

1. Pay per click advertising:   

Pay per click internet advertising Model
     Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Model

Pay Per Click is an internet advertising model and it is used to drive traffic to your website, where Advertiser pay the publisher when the ad is clicked on the website. Pay per click provides both images based or text-based ads service. For pay per click lots of traffic required on a website because very few people click the ads. Below I have mention service provider for pay per click.

  • Google Adsense

2.Cost per mile advertising:

Cost per mile or cost per mile thousands impression means a total number of visitors view or impression. Money from these types of Ad is depend upon the total number of visitors view or impression make by using site or blog

For example: average CPM earning is $1 to $1.5 per 1,000 impressions. .

3.Text Link Ads:

Text Link Ads Details from Blogger Target

A text link ad is a text on a website that is hyperlinked to a specific page on another site. You can place text-based ads within the text of your articles. The Publishers can get paid based on the number of visitors clicks on the text link ad (called pay-per-click). Through Text link, Ads Publisher gets paid and the advertiser gets the traffic on their websites.



4. In-text ads:


It is very similar to text link ads. Ads are placed inside your text content articles or blog posts. These are double underlined when a user moves the mouse over one of them a small advertising pop-up will appear If the user clicks it helps you make a small amount of money.

5. Advertising space/Banner advertisement:

If you have a website then by selling space for advertisers to display a banner ad. Banner ads are Internet-based business, Banner ads help to generate revenue for Web sites and for blogs, the main sources of revenue are advertising. The banner ad is one of the most popular forms of Internet advertising.

They are the service provider for banner ads:

6. RSS adverts.: mean Rich Site Summary :

7. Audio advertising :

Audio advertising: Umano, VoiceBunny or Voice123. For this, you need a good voice to record your songs. You can record songs in a home and upload here


8. Popups and lightboxes :

Pop-ups are a new small window to display an advertisement. Pop-ups ads are smaller than the background interface. Some people don’t like the pop-ups and they have installed pop up blockers. Pop-ups are an online advertisement which helps to generate leads and sales.


9. Affiliated marketing online business:

Affiliated marketing in electronic commerce means selling other products online for that company will pay commission. There are lots of affiliate marketing websites are available online but you have to decide which type of affiliate marketing you want to go.

 Service provider for Affiliated Marketing :


To know more affiliated marketing product, check this affiliated marketing company details.

10.Start selling an ebook online:

Try to learn how to create an ebook to sell online. Questions come to your mind where can I sell my ebook online. An electronic book publication in digital form is readable on computers or other electronic devices like tablets, Mobile etc, it is a printed electronic book you can sell electronic books on Apple I store and on Amazon. It looks like a printed book it includes all pictures, image text, Graphics. No need to go bookstore to Sell them.
learn how to sell an eBook online on Amazon Kindle. 

11.Teaching program :
Online teaching program help to make money. You can charge a membership fee or joining fees from visitors. Which topic you are expert, for example, food, photography, the stock market, maths or any other topics give online training to them, it saves classroom expenses and saves time also.
12. Sell Email list:
The email list is an asset for any blogger because they collect the email list from subscription form and they send the emails regularly if they are in need of money they can sell email list, but it depends on the blogger.  If you have email database then You can sell on freelancing sites like freelancer, Workspace, and .
13. Job boards : 
First, you have to create one job websites. Job boards is an online service that the company uses to advertise their jobs. You can charge a fee for posting job vacancies on your websites. Now a day’s competition is more, lots of jobs website are present in the market. You required lots of traffic for your website to attract advertiser to post job vacancies on your websites.
14. Sell your custom template or theme :
If you know how to create your own custom template and themes then you can sell it in the market because nowadays lots of people creating their own websites but to sell them high-quality templates and themes required because lots of competitors are present in the market.

15.  Buying and selling Domain names :

Buying and selling a domain name, for this small investment is required, buy a domain name from Go Daddy or any other sites in cheap price and sell at high prices but before buying any domain name do some website name research for example domain name monthly searches. After purchasing a domain name you can put in the auction. Buy domain names and sell it at high prices from go-daddy.

16.Product reviews:

For product reviews first, you have to register in product review sites, many companies sell the product for example Amazon. In Amazon lots of product are available. Give the reviews of any product if the buyers buy after reading your reviews you will get some small commission, here you are not directly selling any product,  you are giving reviews and link. When buyers read the reviews and click the link to purchase if he purchases you will get money.

17.Create and sell your own product in E bay  

 You can sell your own products in ebay. Nowadays lots of visitors are coming to E bay. If you have a product, for example, mobile, pen drive, t-shirts anything register and upload pics in E bay, if you get any purchase order. You can ship the products by own to the customer directly and in eBay, you can sell resale products also.

18.Guest blog posting:

Guest blogging means writing something for others. If you are good in writing and you have knowledge of some topics for ex: photography, mobile, technology, food any topics, write an article for other website and they will pay you money. There are lots of bloggers who earn money through blogging, but for this, you have to find the guest blogging websites after that you can contact them through email if they accept your request you can earn by writing 500 to 600 words articles.

19.Business selling website:

 For this first, you have to create a website to sell online. Create 10 to 15 websites like E-commerce sites, freelancing sites, coupon sites and many more. For sale what you have to Give your all website details like website name, price, and Pages details in facebook post and share the post in 10 to 20 facebook groups.


First Create youtube channel and upload any videos like funny videos, education, dance and many more.  By uploading videos on youtube you can earn money. Search in youtube how to create an account to upload and monetize videos to earn money. You will get lots of videos on youtube.

21. Selling photos:

If you are a photographer you can do free registration in photo selling sites and you can sell photos here Fotolia, istockphoto or creative market.


There are lots of freelancing sites available online. whatever knowledge and skill you have like posting ads in social media, email marketing. photo editing, clips making, logo design, web design. Register in all freelancing sites and fix your charges according to the work. People will contact you directly through freelancing sites and you will get lots of order from all sites. lead:

CPA means Cost per Acquisition. In CPA, if anybody download apps or complete survey you will get money. For more info Read more How to Start CPA for Earning.


To Receive Payment from ONLINE INCOME

Create Account in Paypal and payooner to receive online income money from small internet business and link your bank account with Paypal and payooner. They will transfer your money in PayPal or payooner account after that you can transfer in your bank account.

So, these are the 20 easiest ways to start a small internet business online to earn money. I hope this article will help you to start an online business.


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