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Free and Premium Responsive WordPress Themes 

When I started creating blog and website I did so many mistake, for good website proper theme selection is must. Many Bloggers want to earn money through Adsense but for this you have to purchase Ads Responsive themes because in free themes you will not get all features and support but in premium themes you will get lots of plugin support and features also

What is the reason to go with premium themes and what support and extra features you will get:

1.Seo is possible in premium but in some free theme it is not possible.

2. Easily customization in premium but in free themes some features are not available

3. All premium themes provide add management services that is not in free themes

4. You will get all plugin support and themes support but not in free themes.

5. If you know html coding you can edit wordpress website through html also.

 WordPress themes is easy to use and most popular now a days. WordPress themes are seo friendly and help to generate revenue online. There are a huge number of WordPress themes are available, but you have to select right WordPress themes for your website business to earn money online. If you want to earn money online always use premium themes don’t go for free WordPress themes because lots of plugin not support free themes. If website themes are good it attracts visitors to stay in website otherwise, visitors will move to another website.

If there is any new update free themes take time to update, but premium themes update it automatically. If you are planning to start an online income business website, first create your PayPal account because most of the affiliate marketing website transfer payment through PayPal and register in all affiliate themes sites to earn money because all of these affiliates registration is free.

Use Premium themes for:

  • Personal Website:
  • Product Affiliate :
  • you can sell your own products
  • Advertisement revenue:

Below I am mentioning some good premium themes website list, it will help you to select and buy themes.

Top and best WordPress affiliate marketing and Adsense themes 


Description: Athemes are premium themes with awesome support, these themes are perfect for small business, blogger and for freelancer. WordPress theme price is very less as compared to others. I use  Athemes for my websites. The affiliate receives a 50% of each sale
Visit Website :

  • Genesis Themes

Description: Genesis is also a very good WordPress theme, but the price of genesis themes is little bit high but good plugin support. For affiliated marketing, commission rate is 35% of the purchase price of theme. Packages here affiliate program is managed by share a sale.
Visit Website :

  • Theme forest

Description: You can use theme forest themes also. It is also very easy to use and better support of plugins. For affiliate marketing you can receive 30% of the first cash deposit or on purchase of themes.
sign up: ThemeForest

  • Fame themes

Description: Fame themes are also a very attractive and easy to use. For affiliate marketing you can receive 35% of the first cash deposit or purchase price
Visit Website :

Fame themes for wordpress website
Fame themes for wordpress website
  • Studio Press

Description: Studio Press themes are also very user friendly and good for SEO also. Since affiliate marketing commission rate is 35% of the purchase price of our theme packages
Visit Website :

Studio Press WordPress Themes
Studio Press WordPress Themes
  • Theme Junkie  

Description: Theme junkie is another good WordPress theme.for some of the blogs and the website I use theme junkie. For affiliate marketing you can receive 30% of ALL sales you refer
Visit Website : Theme Junkie


There are lots of WordPress themes are available in the market, you can use wordpress themes for your website and you can join all website for affiliated marketing also, for example.Clipper,.Coupon press,.Compare, viper etc.

Let me know through comments which themes you are using for your website.

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