Google Adsense account Approval process

Google Adsense Approval Tricks for your new Website or Blog

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Google Adsense account Approval process: Learn how does Google Adsense work and how to make money with Google Adsense. Here I have mention tricks to get Adsense approval within one week for your new blog or website. Follow all guidelines & get approval from Adsense and start earning from your website. 


Google Adsense Approval Tricks in 2018 for New Blog

Adsense approvals is very easy if you follow all the guidelines, Now a days most of the blogger get very depressed when they are not getting Adsense approval. New bloggers, they start blogging to earn money from Adsense and they quit blogging when their AdSense account does not get approved. But a blogger can earn money without Adsense also. There are many ad networks with fast approval and their payout is also very good.

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Google Adsense Account Approval Process

Step one: Purchase a Custom Domain Name. Your Domain Name should be shorter from a reader perspective and easy to remember.

Step two: First you have to create a blog or website and your website should be very professional and self-hosted WordPress. Don’t create your blog in, If you apply blog you will not get approval. For Fast approval, you need quality Design Website. There are Free and premium Templates are available for a WordPress website.

Use a good template with lightweight themes, quality designs and sidebar for Ex:

  1. Subscription Box
  2. Recent Blog Post
  3. Live feed widget
  4. Tags and Categories
  5. Comment Box

Step three: Quality Content is very important for SEO if you have lots of content in the website but content quality is not good for example, grammar & spelling mistake, Duplicate content and your word content is very less. Google will not approve your account. Always use quality content at least 300 to 400 words.

Step four: Quality and Original Images is required for your website if you are using duplicate images and not using good quality images then your Adsense will definitely be rejected. There are lots of free image Download website available you can download images from there and you can use it on your website.

Step five: Professional Email address is also very important. Many Website owner apply for Adsense with normal email id and they get rejected. If you are applying for Adsense go with professional Email Address for Ex: or It will help you to get Adsense Approval.

Step Six: SSL Certificate for your website. Many bloggers they get approval for http:// websites but i suggest you go with https:// domain name always add SSL in your domain name.

New Blogger thinks for Adsense approval require 6 months, but many websites got approval within 1 month. If you have quality design and good Contain you can get Adsense approval with 1 month also.

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If you are not getting approval from Adsense. Then find out the reason, fix it and reapply again.


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