Email marketing as a word itself suggests marketing through electronic mail. The world is moving online now a days, more and more people working online. Email marketing is a very cost-effective method, you can reach people all over the world without any location barrier.

Importance & Benefits of email marketing
Importance and Benefits of email marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Traffic Sources for websites

Email marketing helps to generate lead and sales. It helps to create brand awareness in the eye of others and You can build an ongoing relationship with email marketing when done correctly. Through email marketing, you can send email to those people who want your message, you can send them on a timely basis and you can target your audience rather well.

Now a days competition is more people are using Social Media and Seo to drive traffic on the website. But through Email marketing also you can promote your business.   

In the International Market, email marketing concept is very helpful for sales. Effective designs and HTML Email campaigns generate more sales.

Importance & Benefits of Email marketing

Pros of email marketing  :

  • Inexpensive.
  • Reliable
  • Email is fast 
  • Email can be sent anywhere in the world.

Cons of email marketing:

  • Ignored messages
  • A purchased list is ineffective
  • Building a list takes time.
  • Building a list is faster with money

Email Marketing website

list of free Web-based email marketing service provider 

This email marketing websites help to send a million of email ids.

S.NoEmail Auto ResponderSubscriberPriceOffer Visit Site Now
1.0-200025$9000 emails free per month
2.0-50019$Free for 30 days
3.0-100015 $Free for 30 days
4.0-5009$14 days free trial
5.0-250049$21 days free Trail
6.0-100029$ N/A
7.0-50010$12000 emails  free every Month
9.0-50010$30 days free trial
10.0-50010$30 days free trial

What is the Requirement for Email Marketing?

  • We require email template to send mail      
  • This should be not in the image format
  •  It should be text-based.
  •  Templates should be user-friendly.
  •  Background color with text.
  •  In subjects don’t use spam words.

All email marketing companies provide free email templates to send mail.

How to Build Email List?

1. Add subscription form in all pages of your website sidebar, footer and in homepage because we never know when new visitors will visit new pages or exit pages.  Always create an attractive subscription form to join your email list.

2. Social Media Account helps to create an email list. When you post any content on social media like facebook and twitter, always post attractive images on social media to encourage users for a subscription and add a subscription sign-up links on your social media post.

Social media post ex: Subscribe and get a free ebook, free advice for beginners, coupon or discount for products.

3. You can buy Email Id database from email id database vendors, I purchase email id database from Fiverr for my e-commerce websites. When you purchase email id database always check vendor profile customer reviews and rating.

For example, if you are running an e-commerce website and you are selling a women products than you should ask a vendor to provide Targeted email ids of women:

  • Women’s age between 18-45 because they can spend money but below 18 age they are not going to buy online.
  • They are single or married,
  • How active the email id is,
  • Last login day
  • Online shopping buyers email id database.
  • Which country you are planning to sell products
  • working women or not working women, because working women have money to buy

I purchase an email id database from Fiverr in very less cost and run Facebook ads to target these emails for my products and sending 3 emails in a week.

You can purchase email id of Indian and USA both according to your target audience. It will help you to generate more traffic for your website.

How to analyze performance of email marketing

  •  How many emails sent
  • How many emails went to the inbox, spam
  • How many have opened mail or clicked the link?
  • How many visited the website
  • How many emails delivered.

All email service provider provide these services, you can easily check who clicks and open your mail. This analysis will help you to plan for your next email.

What is Single Optin and Double Optin in Email Marketing
Best WordPress Plugin to collect Email ids

Currently, I am using Aweber to send emails because here you will get all the features like free templates and tracking software also. Email Marketing is very important to build your EMail list

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If you are facing any problem with Email Marketing then send me an email and I can help you out.

Kindly let me know through comments, how you are doing Email Marketing, what strategies and software you are using to grow your email list database.

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