Top 25 free high pr video submission sites list

Top 25 free high pr video submission sites list | video optimization in seo

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Top 25 Free High Pr video submission site list: If you are looking for a best video promotion site list to submit in video sharing sites, then here I’m with the  Top 25 Free High Pr video submission site list. Videos help to rank keywords in google search engine because people watch more videos than reading blogs.


Top 25 free high pr video submission sites list
Top 25 free high pr video submission sites list

What is Video submission in SEO:

Video submission in SEO means submitting the video contents in video sharing website like youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe. Therefore Videos help to reach the target audience.

In these video sharing networks already having more than 1 million users watching the videos, so be careful and follow the video submission guidelines before uploading any videos.

If you submit your video here you will get quality backlinks for your website or blog and It also helps to create Branding and promotion of your website or products.

How to do video optimization in SEO:

Video submission link building techniques help to increase traffic on the website and Video Link building techniques are good for SEO.  There are lots of video file sharing sites available on the internet, but always submit your website to High Page Rank, High Domain Authority and do follow video sharing sites because they have more visitors in their websites.

Below I have mention top 25 free high pr video submission sites list. Check video how to do video submission in youtube and how to write title, description, and tags.

Due to Video submission services online you can hire a freelancer for video submission in video promotion sites. They will create quality content video and submit in more than 100 video submission websites.

They use automated video submission software. It will save your time. If you want to do manually submission of videos. You can submit manually.

Video optimization is the best SEO strategy for search engine ranking of your keywords.

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Why video submission is important in SEO:

  • For branding in social media
  • Help to promote website content through video
  • Video has more reaches then a blog post
  • It helps to increase traffic to the website and convert leads into sales.
  • Rank keywords in search engines
  • First page ranks in Google is possible
  • Video sharing help for post engagement of the audience
  • Get inbound links
  • Increase CPM, CTR, and CPC on Website by getting traffic

Video submission requirement:

  1. Title: Title should be very attractive, exciting, easy to remember and Include keywords in your title so that search engine crawl and index the keywords. Check the title character limits on each site because different sites having a different character limit.
  2. Description: Adding keywords in video description also help to video optimization in SEO and help to rank keywords in search engines. Check the character limit of description before adding keywords.
  3. Video content quality: Video content should be related to your blog’s post or website. Always create short quality full video and rich information in your videos.  If your video content quality is good, you will get a good comment, reviews and it will help to increase traffic on the website.
  4. Video tags:  Check relevant videos in youtube and check your competitor Youtube video Tags. To check tags in youtube videos, what you have to do just right click on the video and click view page source by doing this you can see all the keywords what your competitor are using. Check 4 to 5 videos related to your topics and analyze the keywords to add in your video tags.
  5. Website Link in videos: Give your website details in the end of the video. Some video submission sites give clickable link options in videos. If they click the link they will land to your website directly. This is the best way to get backlinks and to increase traffic to your websites.
  6. Length of video:  Nobody watch long videos because lots of videos are available on the internet. Video Length should be not more than 5 to 10 minutes. If your video length is more due to this visitors will not watch the full video. If your video length and quality are good, you can engage the audience even more for a long time.
  7. Video sitemap: Once your video is ready you can submit a video sitemap in google webmaster tools. Google webmaster is a free tool provided by Google to Submit your sitemap and search engine bots will crawl the video to index in search engines.  Learn How to generate a sitemap for your videos :

Check the link for Free XML video sitemap generator WordPress Plugins:



  1. Choose right categories: If you video blog then submits in video blog categories or else if you have funny videos then submit in funny videos directories. Never submit your videos in the wrong category in video publishing sites because they will not accept the videos and your video will not visible to targeted visitors.
  2. Sound Quality: Many Bloggers and website owners create a video but they never focus on sound quality. If your sound quality is not good you will lose the targeted audience.
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Top 25 Free High Pr video submission site list :
S.No.Video Submission Site List

Once your video is ready and you want to submit your video in High pr video submission sites.  I will suggest you upload only in High pr video submission sites because It is not possible to submit videos in more then 100 sites in 1 days, so better submit your videos in High domain authority video submission sites.

After submission of video, you will get account creation and video submission verification link in your registered email id. Click the link and verify your accounts.

Submit videos other than video submission sites to get more traffic

Here i have mention 100 video sharing website list. If you are using any other video submission site list Kindly comment below I will add that also in my video sharing website list.

Video submission sites are the best way to increase traffic on the website so that submit your website’s videos

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