What is a keyword in seo

What is keyword in Seo Beginner Guide | How to use Keywords in website for ranking

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Keyword Research in Seo: If you are a beginner and you want to know what is a keyword research in SEO, types & how to use keywords in the website. Then you are in right place. This article will help you to understand the keywords strategy.

What is a keyword in seo
What is a keyword in SEO

What is keyword in SEO?

To rank any website in the search engine proper selection of right keywords is must. If you have the right keywords related to your website or content then only you can get right kind of visitors in your website. If you have online shopping sites then select keywords related to the shopping sites for ex: T-shirt shopping sites. User search keywords in Google: T-shirts for sale online

Keyword search in Google Example
Keyword search in Google Example

All these websites are using keywords t-shirts for sale online to rank on the 1st page of Google. Check images how Google Pick the keywords from Title and Description

For Marketing, Proper keyword research is must without keyword research you cant rank website in a search engine because many competitors are using the same keywords to rank. You have to find out unique keywords to rank in search engines.

What will happen if you will not use proper keywords?

Your website visibility will be above the 10th page of Google

Types of Keyword in Seo :

  • Short tail keyword 
  • long tail keyword 

Short tail keyword strategy is not good from SEO point of view if you target long tail keywords then it would be easy for you to rank in search engines.

Short Tail keywords include 1 or 2 words For Ex: “Seo Company”

Long Tail keywords should be a minimum of 4 to 5 words.  For Ex: “Best Seo Company & Services”

If you target Keyword is ” best SEO company & Services” then “Seo Company”.  Easier to rank long tail keywords in a search engine than short tail keywords.

You have to find out low competition long tail keywords for your website.

How to find low competition long tail keywords in SEO?

Keyword research process is a lengthy process but if you do properly then nobody can stop you to beat your competitors. In keyword research strategy you will find three types of keyword competition :

  • Low Competition keywords,
  • Medium Competition keywords,
  • High Competition keywords

You have to find out a keyword phrase that has a good number of monthly searches with a Low competition. Keyword Phrases means multiple keywords For ex: Best Seo is a keyword but “Best SEO website for beginners” is a keyword phrase using keywords multiple times.

Long tail keyword phrases having less search volume but the conversion value is more.

Low competition Long tail keyword +  Reasonable number of monthly searches = Best Keyword for Seo

Where to use keywords in a website?

You have to use keywords in

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Url
  4. Heading
  5. Images name, Alt text, and Caption
  6.  Content Body
How to do keywords research in SEO?

First, you have to write down the Purpose of your business  For Ex: Topic is Seo

  1. What is SEO
  2. How to do Seo
  3. How to get traffic from SEO
  4. Types of Seo

The second step is to create a list of keywords in Excel Sheet. You have to think what visitors will search in google search box related to SEO. Make a list of keywords research for reference.

Third Step is to search keyword in Google Search Engine Results Page to analyze the keywords. If you are facing problem to understand what keywords people are searching in google then go to google and give keywords. check below images.

Keyword Suggestion from search engine result Page

Google Related Searches will also give you some keywords suggestions

keyword suggesttion from search Engine
Keyword suggestion from Search Engine
Tools to find a keyword in Seo?

There are Free Keyword Planner Tool and Paid Keyword Planner tools are available in the market. But here I am going to discuss free Google Keyword Planner tools to find the perfect keywords for your website. Google Keyword Planner tools is a free Service provided by Google. You have to register in GoogleAdWords.com to use google keyword planner tool.

Step 1:

Google Keyword Planner Tool
Google Keyword Planner Tool

Step 2:

Keyword Competition in Keyword PLanner

From Here You can check the keyword competition, average monthly searches for keywords and easily you will get long tail keywords for SEO.

Here I have mentioned a list of best keyword research tools to find keywords for SEO. Check URL Once: Best keyword planner site list for your website.

How to find competitor keywords?

Whenever you are creating content do proper competitor keyword research because competitor keywords will help you to understand the keywords competition. First Make a list of your competitor website name at least 5 t0 10 competitors and check all competitors website keywords.

First You have to understand what keywords your competitor are ranking in SERP. Make a list of keywords and mix some low competition long tail keywords with them

How to check competitor keywords: Free competitor keywords research tool and Paid competitor research tool available on the internet. Competitor Best keyword research paid tool you can use: For ex: Semrush.com, Ahrefs.com & Kwfinder.com. But you can register in all paid sites and enjoy their free trials for 10 to 15 days.

Free Google Keyword Planner tool you can use to find competitor keywords.

Competitor keyword research for seo

COmpetitor Keyword reseacrh for website


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