What is keyword Stuffing and Keyword density in Seo

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What is keyword Stuffing and Keyword density in Seo
What is keyword Stuffing and Keyword density in Seo

What is keyword stuffing in Seo

Keywords are an important part of website content, keyword stuffing means using the same keywords or content of a webpage again and again.

If your website selling website design services or SEO services. You will try the word website design would be the best keyword. To use a proper keyword in the website it is very important to understand the audience

Keyword Stuffing example

In Description of a website using the repetitive keywords like website design, website services, SEO services, website design, and development services. There is no sentence only keywords in the description.

For good description write sentences and add keywords for ex: Best website design and development services in India. Here I have added a keyword in sentences and there is no keyword stuffing in sentences.

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What is Keyword Density in SEO

If you are writing a 500 words post or content for your websites and using a one single keywords more then 10 to 15 times in a post to rank higher in google then search engine crawler can easily find your website keyword density and the search engine will penalize your website.

What is the perfect keyword density percentage for any website according to Google?

According to Google keep keyword density 1-3% and use keywords properly not stuffed. Keyword density should not be overused otherwise google will pull down your website ranking in search engines.


How  to calculate keyword density 

How to calculate Keyword Density

How to check keyword density online for a website.

There are lots of free and Paid tools available on the internet to check the keyword density of any website. When you enter a website URL this tool will calculate the keyword density percentage and show you the combination of keyword phrases. If you have already published your website content in google and you are facing suddenly decline in traffic then use this free tools to analyze the keyword density for your website contents.

Keyword density checker Free Tools list:

  • https://www.seoreviewtools.com/keyword-density-checker/
  • https://smallseotools.com/keyword-density-checker/
  • https://www.seocentro.com/tools/seo/keyword-density.html
  • https://wordcounter.net/
  • https://searchenginereports.net/keyword-density-checker/

Web Hosting

How to check keyword density on a WordPress website

For a WordPress website, free plugins are available to check the keyword density. You can use Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and Keyword density checker WordPress plugins to analyze the density of your content. This plugin will tell you which keywords you have used and their percentages. This can help you to prevent overusing of the combination of words or certain words.

Disadvantages of keyword stuffing and Keyword Density in SEO

If you are using the same keywords numbers of time then Google will not index your website in search engines because Google can easily find the keyword stuffing density. If you are repeating this then Google will pull down your website from search engines and Google will remove your website permanently from search engines index.

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Before publishing any content on the website please use the above tools to find the keyword density percentage for your website. Copy and download all the keywords and reduce the keyword density to improve the ranking in search engines.

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