What is a Permalink in SEO

What is permalink in seo and how to create seo friendly permalink in WordPress website

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Permalink in Seo: Url structure and Permalink plays an important role in SEO on-page optimization. To rank in Google search engine SEO friendly keyword rich URL is must. Permalink is a web address link to the blog post of your website.

What is a Permalink in SEO
What is a Permalink in SEO

What is a Permalink in SEO

Permalink definition: Permalink is a permanent URL used to link your content. Permalink is created for the individual post so that never do any changes after publishing it. If you are doing any changes in permalink then give 301 redirection code from old post Url to the new post URL.  Search engines read the permalink for crawling and indexing of website.

Permalink Example:


permalink Example
Permalink Example


Permalink should be SEO search engine friendly

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How to create permalink in WordPress Website

Whenever you create Post Title and Description at that time WordPress will generate your permalink automatically but this Default permalink is not good. You have to do some modification and add keywords in your URLs.

WordPress Permalink structure settings:

I have added keywords in the permalink. “What is a permalink in SEO” is a keyword

Whenever you are creating a new post add keywords in permalink and include same keywords in the title, description, and heading also.

If you are writing             www.bloggertarget.com/hstv5462b

This type of permalink is not user-friendly because there are no keywords added here and User will not understand Properly.

You should avoid this type of permalink because URL Structure is not good from an SEO point of view.

If you have an old post that is already ranking in search engines and getting good traffic on the website. If you are doing some changes in Post URL than your website post position will go down and website traffic will also get down so that I will suggest you never change your permalink because Google takes some time to index a new Url or Updated URL.

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How to find keywords for Permalink:

I suggest you to use tools like kwfinder  semrush , ubersuggest and Google keyword planner to check the keyword competition and monthly search volumes.

Seo friendly Best Permalink Guidelines:

  • Always use short Permalink. Permalink length should be not more than 60 characters. If you have short URL with exact match keywords than it is very easy for you to rank in search engines.
  • Avoid underscores, date, and numbers in the permalink. If you add this google will not understand
  • Avoid Keyword repetition in Url
  • Add right keywords in your Url so that it will help you to rank in search engines

For more information about the URL, I suggest you to read How to create SEO friendly URL Structure post.

If you search any keywords in Google: For example: “What is permalink in SEO” is a keyword. you can see the keywords are added in Url, title, and description. Url length is also good. If you have good permalink you can rank your website pages and post.

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I hope this post will help beginners to understand what is permalink in SEO and how to do settings in WordPress. If you have any doubt regarding permalink let us know via comments.

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