Top 20 High PR PPt Submission site List for seo

Top 20 High PR PPt Submission site List for seo | How to do PPt Submission

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PPt Submission site: PPT Full form is Parts per trillion. PPt means a powerpoint slideshow of content, Images, audio, and visual features. One of the best way to promote your website or products and it helps to get referral traffic. Here I have mention Top 20 High PR PPt Submission site List for SEO.

Top 20 High PR PPt Submission site List for seo
Top 20 High PR PPt Submission site List for seo

What is PPt Submission in SEO

PPt submission is best off page SEO techniques. PPt means Powerpoint presentation of website content. Sharing slide show presentation is good for blog Link building and for brand awareness.  PPt submission sites help to increase traffic in the website and for better ranking in google search engine. Most of the bloggers use ppt submission for SEO to improve the page authority. Get high-quality backlinks from ppt submission site list.

How to do ppt submission for SEO

Create ppt for your post through Microsoft power point.  All search engines like yahoo, bing, google and Yandex index the ppt submission sites very fast.  Use keywords and website URL in Your PPt and add text in Images or slides

How to add keywords in your PPt

How to add Keywords in PPt Submissions

How to add website link in your PPt

Select image and logo in your ppt and right click on image, text or logo then select Hyperlink and give your website link.

How to give Link in PPt

How to add Keywords in PPt Submissions

Why ppt submission is important in SEO

Search engine likes to crawl ppt submission sites. Through PPt Submission sites we get do follow backlinks and it helps to rank our targeted keywords in search engines

The Last page of ppt Give your website Details like website name, address, email id, Logo, phone number and links to social media accounts.

Last Page of ppt Blogger Target


How to save ppt on your computer or Laptop:

Before uploading in PPt submission sites use Long tail keywords in the File name and use Hyphen in your keywords. Google search Engine check the ppt file name for indexing.

Normal File name Example: DCIM0022

Long Tail keywords File name Example: “20-easiest-ways-to-start-small-internet-business-online. ”




Suggestions: Use unique content in ppt for different ppt sites and use keywords and URL in your ppt

How many views in PPt  Slideshare Example :

How many views in PPt Submission


How to optimize PPt Submission accounts:

Whenever you are creating accounts in PPT Submission sites Optimize your profile properly. Give all details related to you and your website, photos, Website logo, and social media account links. Interested visitors will check your profile. If you have given website details and link you will get lots of visitors to your website.

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Top 20 High PR PPt Submission Site List
S.No.PPT Site Name


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Here I have mention Document sharing site list with High PA and DA which will help you to boost your SEO ranking. If you are doing ppt submission and you have website list, Leave a comment below.



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