What is Meta Tags in seo How to optimize & create

What is Meta Tags in SEO | How to optimize meta tags

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What is the meta tags in SEO

Meta tags are very important in SEO without meta tags you cannot generate organic traffic for your website. Meta tags help search engines to read your content. Without meta tags indexing of your website is not possible in search engines.

We use different types of meta tags for ranking in google search engines

Meta Robots tags for the website

This is a welcome tag for google crawler to visit our website for index the page content and follow the link

<meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow” />

If any webpage you don’t want to crawl by google or bots

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow” />

  • No index Tags: Meta robots no index tags tell search engines bot not to index the web pages
  • No, follow tags: means google bot won’t crawl the link pages of your websites.
  • Robots Follow tags: Tell to google what to follow for indexing
  • Robots Index Tags: Meta robots index tags tell search engines what pages you want to index

Below I have mention Extremely important tags for websites. They are not meta tags but for SERP but these tags are also important for SEO.

  • Title tags :
  • Description Tags:
  • Meta keywords tags:
  • Heading Tags
  • Image Tags

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Other Meta tags

There are many other meta tags, nowadays Google is not giving much importance to these tags. If you want to add these tags in your website then you can add because there is no harm to the website.

  • Revisits after: You can tell the google bots to come back to your website and index it again.

<meta name =” revisit-after” content =”7 days or 1 month”>

  • Abstract: Equal to description meta tags but they are different. Description meta tags used by all search engines, but several search engines use abstract also.

<meta name =” abstract” content =”very short description of your website”>

  • Author: Give credit to the person of a company who creates your website. It is easy to find the right person who is responsible for websites.

<meta name =” author” content =”author name”>

  • Copyright: To protect images and text content on your websites

<meta name =”copyright” content =”company name”>

  • Distribution: distribution means the page is set for everyone or for global distribution. If we give IU(Internal use) that means the webpage is blocked in some countries.

<meta name =”distribution” content =”global”>

  • Language: Explain language of your website

<meta name =”language” content =”give language name English or Hindi”>

  • Reply to: If you add an email address in the reply to tag then you are able to explain how people can contact the right person in your company and who is responsible for the website.

<meta name =”reply to” content =”email address”>

  • Rating: If you wish to rate your pages.

<meta name =”rating” content =”General”>

  • Owner:  <meta name =”owner” content =”website name”>
  • Classification<meta name =”classification” content =”Bloggers target website is related to SEO, smm & sem”>
  • Audience: <meta name =”audience” content =”all”>
  • Contact street address, zipcode, city and phone number
  • Identifier: <meta name =”identifier-URL” content =”Give your website URL”>

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How to check meta tags of any websites

To check the meta tags of any website. Open websites www.onlinehomeservices.in and right click on anywhere in website and select view page source code.

Meta tags example:

How to check meta tags in website
Meta tags in website


How to check meta tags in website

Here you see all the title, description and other meta tags also.

How to write meta tags in WordPress website:

Meta tags improve page rank in search engines. If you are creating a website in WordPress website then install Yoast SEO WordPress plugins to set up meta robots.

Why Yoast SEO plugin is important because through this plugin you can select which page you want to index or which page you don’t want to be followed by Google.

You can set up this for an individual post, pages, categories, and tags. From here you are doing setting for all post and pages.

Yoast Seo for wordpress website
Yoast Seo Meta Robots Setting in WordPress website

For a Single page or post, meta robots setting

Go to your web post and scroll down the pages and click the gear icon and from the drop-down menu Allow search engines to show this post in search results? select yes and update the post or page. If you don’t want to index your pages then select “No” from the drop-down menu.

Meta robots setting in wordpress website
Meta robots setting in wordpress website

Read more:

All search Engines use metadata for crawling and indexing of website so that it is very important to use proper meta tags for SEO.


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