What is redirection in seo

What is redirection in seo | How to find and fix redirect in website

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What is redirection in seo
What is redirection in seo

What is redirection in SEO

 Whenever you change the domain name, Url structure and deleting the web pages. You have to provide redirection code for URLs. Redirection help search engines to understand the changes in the website because when Google bots visit the website for indexing the pages and found any errors then google bots will remove the pages from search engines.

Why redirection is important in SEO

  • If in your website 404 page is present and the users are trying to visit that page from the browser then 404 page not found page will come. When search engine bots visit the website and crawling the page then search engine bots will deindex the 404 pages from search results
  • If you have 301, 302 and 404 errors in your website then your website page rank will go down. so that it is very important for page rank to give redirection code.
  • If you have generated backlink for the page and your page got deleted then all your backlinks would be waste.

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Types of redirection code in SEO

301 Redirection code:  is an SEO friendly and permanent redirection code. 301 redirection code helps visitors and search engines are directed to the correct webpage. The 301 redirection code means that a page has permanently moved to a new location.

When we use 301 redirection code:

  • When you changed the domain name of a website
  • When you launched your website in new CMS (content management System) and your website URL structure has changed.

For this we create 301 redirects for your old content to point to the new content will tell the search engine that you have moved from one to another for better services. This will allow a search engine to direct ranking and value signals to the new URL because they understand this location to be the new permanent home for the content.

302 Redirection code: means temporarily moved. This redirection code does not pass the link value to the new location.

When we use 302 Redirection Code:

  • If you have T-shirts website and some Tshirts are not available for sale or out of stock. If users visit the t-shirts page and product are out of stock then you can use 302 redirection code to send the user to the category page and allowing them to buy similar items.

404 Redirection code: means If we use 404 redirection code in the website then page not found or server not found error page will not come. Directly main website will get open. Custom Page redirect to the home page.

When we use 404 redirection code:

  • When any Url in website is renamed or become non existed. any link connected to that website URL would result in 404 errors.
  • When broken link found in the website for example (404 error Page not found)  to remove broken link we redirect website page to the homepage known as custom 404 page.
  • When you make a spelling mistake in page name in a website.
  • If you have deleted or moved the website pages.

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How to check Redirects errors in the website:

If you have any 301,302 and 404 errors present in the website then this free redirect checker online tools will help to find the URL errors.

Top 10 best free Redirect checker online tools :

  1. http://www.redirect-checker.org/
  2. http://redirectcheck.com/
  3. https://www.seoreviewtools.com/redirect-checker-tool/
  4. http://redirectdetective.com/
  5. https://smallseotools.com/redirect-checker/
  6. https://www.rapidtables.com/web/tools/redirect-generator.html
  7. https://searchenginereports.net/redirect-checker/
  8. https://www.searchenginegenie.com/tools/urlRedirectCheck.php
  9. https://www.webtoolhub.com/tn561352-url-redirection-checker.aspx
  10. https://httpstatus.io/

How to fix redirection errors in WordPress Website:

Install Redirection WordPress Plugin in your WordPress website to redirect 301,302 and 404 errors.

Redirection wordpress Plugins
Redirection WordPress Plugins

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Redirection is very important for SEO and to maintain the website. If you have any questions regarding redirection code. Kindly comment below.


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