What is Google Html Sitemap in seo

What is Google Html Sitemap in seo | Learn How to create HTML Sitemap

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What is Google Html Sitemap in seo
What is Google Html Sitemap in seo

What is Google HTML sitemap in SEO 

HTML sitemap is created for visitors. Here visitors can easily navigate a website. Html sitemap is also important in SEO because google crawlers also use HTML sitemap to find pages on your website.

How to check HTML Sitemap of any websites

I have added HTML Sitemap in the footer of my website www.bloggertarget.com. In the footer, check Archives Page link, here I have added all HTML pages link.  In Archives page you can see all the website links for pages, post, images, and videos. This Html pages allow users to find your post and pages very quickly.

In Footer I have added Html Archives Pages. Click the Archives pages link to see all websites links in one place.

Here you can see all the anchor text post and pages link in archives page.


Archives pages are very useful for users to find a post and pages in websites.

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Learn How to create an HTML sitemap for WordPress website :

Hierarchical HTML Sitemap WordPress Plugin is the best plugins to generate an HTML sitemap for the website. This plugin will generate an HTML sitemap and tell Google how important is your content.

WordPress Plugin Name for XML Sitemap: Hierarchical HTML Sitemap WordPress Plugin

Before Installing HTML WordPress plugin First create a Page for HTML and give name Archives and paste HTML shortcodes in your Archives page

Step 1: Install Hierarchical HTML Sitemap WordPress Plugin

Html Sitemap WordPress PluginsStep 2: Create Archives Page for HTML Sitemap

  • Copy the code
  • Paste in the archives page
  • Click update
HTML Sitemap WordPress Plugins Setup
HTML Sitemap WordPress Plugins Setup

This plugin will show List of Tags, Number of pages, post, and Categories. You don’t have to do any settings in Plugins and page.

Check Bloggers target archives pages: https://www.bloggertarget.com/archives/

Why HTML sitemap is important in SEO

  • Html pages help users to find the website post and contents in websites.
  • Helps search engines to better crawl the web pages for indexing

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Guidelines for HTML Sitemap
  • No need to submit HTML sitemap in google webmaster tools. Submit only XML sitemap in google search console and in other search engines webmaster tool.
  • If you have install HTML sitemap WordPress plugins on the website so that whenever you upload new contents in websites. It will automatically get update in Archives page.

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We hope this article will help you to understand what is HTML Sitemap and How to install in WordPress website.

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