Tips to increase website loading speed

How to test website speed online & How to increase Website Loading Speed

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Tips to increase website loading speed
Tips to increase website loading speed

What is Page loading time in SEO

Website Page loading speed is very important in SEO. Fast loading of your websites increases the sites visits. Website loading speed is very important for page rank of any website. If two different websites are ranking in the same position for keywords, content, and backlinks than google check the website speed also to give the good rank in search engines.

If your website loading speed is more then visitors will not open the website again and he will move to the other websites.

What is a good page speed score

Average page load time of a website is 2 to 3 seconds.

If you have an e-commerce website and any visitors visit to your website to purchase any product and your website is taking time to get open. Then visitors will search for another website to buy products. This will reduce conversion in the website.

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How to check page loading time of any website

There are lots of free & paid tools are available on the internet.  Here I am going to discuss free tools. You have to provide a website URL and you will get an option to select a country. If your target audience is global then select global if you are targeting specific country then select country according to your audience.

Top 5 Free online page speed checker tools


This tools will help you to improve your site performance. Check your website loading speed in all tools.  This free tools will tell you what is the reason for your website is loading slowly and suggest you how to improve the page loading time.

I will suggest you to use Here you will get all details about your live website loading speed, reasons, and Suggestions to improve for desktop and mobile.

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Website page speed optimization checker tool
Website page speed optimization checker tool

15 Tips to increase website loading speed

For Seo it is very important to set website loading time otherwise no visitors will come again.

  1. Web hosting: Many bloggers they start their website with the cheap hosting service provider. In starting you can use cheap host provider but once you start receiving traffic in your website. I will suggest you select the best hosting provider who provides dedicated hosting and server.
  2. Reduce image file size: If you are using high-resolution images then compress the images to reduce the image file size. If you have a WordPress website then you can use the smush WordPress plugin to reduce the images. For more info read how to optimize images for SEO.
  3. Domain name server :
  4. Reduce server response time:
  5. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  6. Leverage browser caching
  7. Prioritize visible content
  8. Minify CSS
  9. Minify JavaScript
  10. Minify HTML
  11. Avoid landing page redirects
  12. Remove broken links
  13. Install wp super cache WordPress plugins
  14. Reduce the number of plugins on your WordPress website
  15. Always check desktop and mobile web speed

Check the health of your website on the weekly basis so that you can improve your page speed for ranking in search engines.

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Free Tools will help you to analyze the website for improvement. If you are facing any difficulties to implement the techniques for good website loading speed than let us know via comment. We will guide you to reduce the website loading speed.


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