What is Image Optimization in Seo

What is Image Optimization in Seo | How to Rank Images in Search Engines

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 Image Optimization in SEO: This image optimization guide explains what is image optimization in SEO and how to optimize images for the web without losing quality. To rank, your keywords in search engines learn how to write SEO friendly alt-text for your images.

What is Image Optimization in Seo
What is Image Optimization in Seo

What is Image Optimization in SEO

Image OPtimization for website Definition: Large image file increases the website loading speed so that it is very important to reduce image file size and Optimize images for website to increase website speed. Image search engine optimization is very important to get organic traffic in the website through search engine images results.

How to do image optimization in SEO

Image loading optimization is must to increase the speed of a website. Before downloading any images check the best image size for the website.  This is the best way to optimize images for web 

If you are uploading images related to What is title tags and meta description in SEO then you have to add keywords in the image name.  Image name should be What-is-title-tags-and-meta-description-in-seo.jpg

Example: image FIle name: hgj_0001jpg. or images.png. This name is not good for SEO. You have to change the name of images give What-is-title-tags-and-meta-description-in-seo.jpg

When you upload images in WordPress:

How to do image optimization in Seo
How to do image optimization in Seo


  • How to Write Image URL in Seo: WordPress will generate Image Url automatically so that you don’t need to create a new URL.
  • How to write Title in Images: In the title of your images give the same keywords what you have given for images name.
  • How to write SEO-friendly alt-text for your images: Give same Keywords in Alt Text also
  • How to write Caption in Images: In Caption also give the same keywords
  • How to write Description in images: In the description, you can Describe the images but add keywords in Description of the images otherwise you can give the same description what you have given for the pages.

I have used the same keywords in Title, Description, and Url of a website to rank keywords. Image optimization in WordPress is very easy
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How to compress the size of images

Image optimization WordPress plugins SMUSH is a free image optimizer tool provide Bulk image compressor to compress a jpeg file size. Compress image file and increase the speed of your website. If you have a WordPress website and having lots of images and you are installing SMUSH WordPress plugins then it Compresses multiple old images automatically.


How to Compress the size of Images for SEO
How to Compress the size of Images for SEO

Whenever you upload new images in the website it compresses photo file size automatically no need to compress for new images when you upload. This plugin compress PNG files, jpg files, and Jpeg files.

How to submit Images in Google

Good Images attract visitors and help for content marketing also. Google image search is the best SEO techniques to get traffic to your websites through google images.

Step 1: Search in Google https://images.google.com/

How to submit Images in Google
How to submit Images in Google

Step 2: Click Upload an image and select images from your website which you want to submit in google.

Google Image search engine ranking

In Google, there are more than 100,200,500  images are available. If you optimize properly your website images will come in 1st page of google image search

How to download free images for website

Beautiful and royalty free images that you can download for your websites at no cost. This images you can use for personal and commercial use, no approval required for any download.  In my website all images, I have downloaded from Pixabay and Pixels.com. Download images and do some modification in your images. I suggest you to read: High-quality Photo Download site list 

How to rank images in Search Engines 

If you want to rank your images in search engines then submit your website Images link in Photo sharing sites.

Search engines Cant read images so that it is very important to give Images Title, Description, Caption and Alt text. If you have keywords in images then you can rank images in search engines with keywords. This title, description, caption and alt text help search engines to understand the images properly. There are lots of Free photo sharing website available on the internet. Click Here for photo sharing sites details

Check: Top 30 free image submission site list.

Once you upload images in the website then share images on social media sites like facebook, twitter, and Instagram. This will help you to get lots of backlinks.

If you copy and paste the website URL in facebook it will automatically take the title and description from the website so that it is very important to write attractive Url for your visitors to get more clicks and visitors.

In last generate image sitemap for all your website images and submit in Google webmaster tool.

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Here I have shared best image optimization techniques to rank images in Search engines. I hope this article will help you to understand what is image optimization in SEO and how to write SEO friendly keywords in Images.


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