What is anchor text in Seo

What is anchor text in Seo | How to hyperlink any keyword in WordPress Website

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Anchor text in Seo: Anchor text is an important part of SEO. Anchor text is important for ranking your keywords in search engines. If you are a beginner and new to SEO then this post will help you to understand what is anchor text in SEO and hyperlink importance for any websites.

What is anchor text in Seo
What is anchor text in Seo

What is anchor text in SEO?

Anchor text meaning: Manually add a hyperlink on text or the text you place your link like clickable text. Use keyword in anchor text it will help you to rank your keywords in SERP. This is an effective search engine optimization techniques to rank your websites in search results.  Internal linking of your website pages increase more Clicks in the website.

Hyperlink text describes the content being linked to and encourages visitors to click. Everybody knows that internal link is very important in SEO that makes it a lot easier for users to find related topics to link to on your website.

According to Google Algorithms panda and penguin updates If you are doing anchor text over optimization then google will penalize your website. If you have generated low-quality links and over optimized the anchor tags.  Proper use of anchor tag is must for SEO.

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I have seen in many websites they used click here and read more this type keywords for anchor text. But search engines will not rank this keyword.

  • Click Here
  • Read More
  • For more info
  • visit website
  • Additional info
  • Check this out

Wrong Anchor text Example :

Keep it natural don’t link this type of words because Google will not rank this type of anchor text. Improve your internal linking Process and link to your old articles

Anchor text example:

add anchor link insert anchor link in keywords. When you click on the link, it will take them to the linked page.

How to write anchor text in WordPress website?

If you are using WordPress then it is very easy for you to hyperlink any text. You can select any word or phrase and put hyperlink onto it. or you can you Link buttons. If any visitors click the word or Buttons visitors will land to the hyperlinked pages.

Step 1:  Select the keywords


Step 2:  Select the keywords and click the Insert/Edit Link button.


Step 3: Here you can Paste page URL link.


Step 4: Here you can see clickable text in blue color. If any visitors click the text visitors will visit to the new linked page.

Why anchor text is important in Seo:

  •  linking your focus keywords help to rank in Search Engines
  • Your Website Bounce rate will go down
  • Blog Pageviews will get increase

Read more:

I hope this article will help you to understand why internal linking structure for SEO is important.


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