What is URL Structure in SEO | How to create seo friendly URL Structure

Seo On Page Optimization

What is URL Structure in Seo: For ranking of website in Google Search engine URL play a very important role. URL Structure is the best SEO on-page optimization techniques to index website pages. Adding keywords in URL Improve your website search visibility in search engines. Create Seo Friendly URL Structure for your website.

What is URL Structure in SEO

What is the full form of URL

URL Means Uniform Resource Locator or Universal Resource Locator help to identify your website address (Domain name) and Ip Address in the search engines

What is the length of URL for website

Average URL length character limit is up to 60 Character and in Words 4 to 5 Words. Google will read your URL up to 60 characters if you write more then 60 characters then you are wasting your time. I will suggest you don’t write more than 80 Character. Always try to write short URL then Long URL.  Google Rank Shot URL Fastly then Long URL. Add your keywords in URL to get in google top search results.

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How to write the best URL for SEO

  • Use  4 to 5 keywords in URL and write short URL Up to 60 Characters

Example: If you write URL http://www.onlinehomeservices.in/partis-planning-bangalore/

This type of URL structure is SEO friendly and easy to read by Users & Search engines for crawling and ranking

But URL is www.domainame.com/hdvavca;ibai 56724/ggsu98787yh5trgb=6yvj75fcv 4e5unjvcfyrdf7t97 tgyhbcd 4e645rtyg

This type of domain name is not good from SEO because there are no keywords added in your URL and for users cannot read & Understand the URL.  Any user will think before clicking the URL because sometimes this type of URL include virus

  • Hyphens(-) and Underscores (_): Many Users they use Underscores in Url. But from Seo point of view Underscores is not good & google search engine also recommend to use Hyphens (-) in your URL
  • Stop Words: Never use this type of Stops words in your URL Because it increases the length of your URL and for ranking and indexing in the search engine, Google ignores the stop words.

For Example: a, an, for,

Google doesn’t read Stop words but if you want to add stop words in Url You can add and there is no penalty according to Google algorithms.

  • Avoid Keyword repetition in Your URL For ex: www.onlinehomeservices.in/Birthday-party-birthday-party
  • Use Keywords: If you want your website should be searched by visitors and search engines then add keywords in the URL of your website pages.


What does https URL mean in a web address

Http and Https both URL available in the Internet. Http URL does not provide secure communication on the Internet if you are using HTTP then you will receive a security warning in some browsers. Https Provide secure communication in the Internet. Always choose Https URL structure and SSL Certificate

Https full form: Hyper text transfer protocol secure. If you don’t have https then don’t worry here I am sharing Free SSL Certificate sites name. You have to register in a website to take SSL certificate details and install in your website and update your website to Https

Why https is important:

  • If you have a Payment option in your website then HTTPS for e commerce url structure seo is very important
  • https is important to save from hacking and virus of any website
  • Https website is faster than http

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Why URL is important in Social Media Share Facebook.

Proper URL Optimization is must for social media shares like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.

For example, I have shared website URL in social media facebook check images how it looks on Facebook.

Read more:

Always add eye catchy and clickable keywords in Url so that you will get more clicks and visitors to the website from social media.

I hope this article will help you to understand what is URL In website. If you have any questions regarding URL Comment below.


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