How to become an Entrepreneur


How to become an Entrepreneur: In this article, I am going to discuss how to become an entrepreneur to set up an online business from home to make money. If you start an internet based business then there is no restriction on timing and place. You can work from anywhere and anytime according to your convenience.

How to become an Entrepreneur

How to become an Entrepreneur

How to become an Entrepreneur

If you want to become an entrepreneur and you are Looking for jobs at home then you are in the right place. Today here I am going to discuss Why digital marketing is so important for the coming generation. Through digital marketing, you can learn how to start an online website to earn money and you can set up a business from home.

The first question comes to mind all online income is fake, but online income is not fake, you can also earn money and live your life without doing a job. You only think why lots of websites are there, for example, video sharing website, online income websites, E-Commerce price comparison sites, why they are creating a website and what they will get if online income is fake.

Second question how a website can earn money, a website can earn money in many ways, for example: have you seen lots of ads are coming in website most of the people they don’t like it, but these ads help to generate money for website, if more visitors are coming on website more money website owner will get,

if you click that ads website owners will get money: we call as Pay per click model, but for this lot of visitors are required in website,

if you are not clicking the ads, but you are visiting the websites for that also website owners will get money: we call as cost per mile thousands impression.

Click this link Online money how here I have given 25 ways to earn money online through a website. From youtube also you can earn money by uploading your videos.

For a website you have to decide where you have to give advertisement space for ads, this you have to decide properly, from where you will get advertiser for ads in your website, click this link here I have given the advertiser list. Go and register your website details, they will contact you through email for approval.

If you want to become an entrepreneur than start creating a new website to earn money.

 what is affiliate marketing? You can earn money through affiliate marketing also. It means paste another website products link in our own websites. Once you get the approval lots of  Product Banner Links, banner sizes and codes are given, copy that code and paste it in your WordPress website, 

if anybody click that links from your website next page will come it will be an or website, if they purchase the product you will get some commission.

click this link and get 100 affiliate marketing list, you can register in all websites it is completely free.

The Third question is how you will get money in your bank account, for that, you have to create Adsense account to earn money through google ads and link your bank account with Google Adsense,

once you earn money in your Google Adsense a/c you can transfer that amount to your bank account.

For Other Advertising Network create PayPal and Payoneer account to receive your earning, Once you receive money in your PayPal a/c you can transfer that money to your bank account.

You have to give your PayPal account details to all your advertiser’s website and affiliate marketing website, click this link to learn how to create your PayPal account

In United States, lots of people are living their life through website earning only.

The fourth question is how to create a website and which type of website is good. If you don’t know the coding don’t worry, you can create websites without coding through WordPress websites.

On WordPress websites, all the already designed WordPress themes and templates available, select any best themes and start your own business. But always purchase a premium WordPress theme because lots of ads and plugin don’t support free themes and templates.

 click this link and learn how to start a WordPress website. Step by step tutorials is given how to create WordPress websites.

  Before starting a website you need to purchase a  domain name and hosting for any website, Click this link to learn how to purchase a website name and hosting.

The fifth question was at the time of creating websites what software and Plugins you required or what you have to keep in mind at the time of creating a website and What is essential to learn before starting a website,

I have mentioned all the software Plugins names and website names that will help you to create websites. click this link to know the WordPress website Plugins and websites details that are required for a new website. 

How Google and Other Search Engine will know you have created a website

For this, you have to submit your website in Google webmaster tool. Once you submit website here so that webmaster tool will give instruction to google to go and crawl the website, Google will check the whole website after that they will index all pages in the search engine like google, yahoo, and bing

   The sixth question is how you can earn more money because once you created websites and placed ads in your website you required a visitor on your website, if visitors are less you will get less money and if visitors are more you will get more money.

To increase visitors to your website you can do social media marketing by sharing your website links to Facebook, Twitters, and Linkedin. Get top 100 Social media lists from where you can get lots of traffic on your websites.

For visitors on the website, You have to do SEO also. Through Seo, you will get lots of backlinks and traffic to your websites. SEO is a very long process but SEO helps to increase our website ranking and website visitors.

Seo includes both onpage optimization and off page optimization click this link to learn how to do SEO.

Web Hosting

Search engine marketing includes pay per clicks, this is a paid advertisement. Here you can take the Google Adwords service where you can create ad campaigns for your websites. It helps to generate more traffic and visitors in your own websites. If you want more visitors in very less time then you can use this Google Adwords service. 

Email marketing and mobile marketing also help to generate visitors on the website. For Email marketing and mobile marketing first, you have to purchase a good database and software.

Get the details of best email marketing software and email database sellers details, Click this link to get details email marketing and mobile marketing.

The seventh question is how you will know from where and how many visitors are coming to your website through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc or through email marketing, SEO or other websites or through Google Adwords pay per advertisement.

For this, you have to use Google analytical tools this provides each and every second of visitors report like, how many visitors are coming, from where they are coming, location and visitors time spent in the website.

This will help you to plan for the marketing of your websites. 

At last, submit your website in Google my Business (google map). It will also help you to increase traffic on your websites. It helps to increase your website online visibility within a search engine.

By learning all these you can build a website that makes money.

If you don’t know SEO but you want to start an online business don’t worry I m here to help you, in my website you will get all the tutorials related to online and how to get visitors in the website and how to get paid. 

 You can outsource SEO and web designing work also in very cheap price, many people outsourced SEO agency for their website otherwise you can hire SEO freelancer they will also help you to create your website.

There are lots of freelancing sites are available in the market their charges is very low $5 is their starting price contact them they will help you for SMM, SEO, mobile app development, WordPress website installation and for content.

Eight Question comes in mind I can do or not. Every website owner thinks like that it is not possible for me but if you take step properly you will succeed in the online journey. Yes, it will take the time but if you want success then read more blogs to learn more. 

I hope this article will help you to understand How to become an entrepreneur to start an online business from home.

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